Full Professor in Psychometrics Department of Developmental and Social Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome

Social cognitive mechanisms regulating doping intention and use: research and intervention

Wednesday, 30 Aug

17:00 – 18:00

Aula C


Doping use is an illicit behavior which is unhealthy and intentionally adopted to achieve specific objectives or goals mainly related to performance enhancement or to aesthetic purposes.

Doping use goes well beyond the realm of high-level or professional sports.  International epidemiological data from different research suggests that  about 1-7% of adolescents and young adults use doping substances. The aim of the talk is to provide:

  1. Some data on doping use among adolescent amateur athletes.
  2. Some premises on doping and on social cognitive variables able to predict intentions to use doping. This theoretical framework provides the basis for identifying some antecedents of doping use, in order to identify target variables for intervention’s programs.
  3. Data from national and international research programs focusing on a general hypothesis that intentions to use doping use in young sports partly depends on athletes’ belief systems and self-regulative mechanisms.
  4. Data and information about national and international intervention programs focused on doping use in adolescent and young adults.


Fabio Lucidi, Ph.D, is a full professor in Psychometrics since 2011, at the Department of Psychology of Development and Socialization Processes, “Sapienza”- University of Rome. He has diverse research interests in the areas of health and sport psychology. His main focus is the study of the processes involved in people’s “self-regulation” of health behavior. Lucidi’s research activities have been funded from different national and international institution (e.g. Italian Ministry of Health, WADA anti-doping agency, International Olympic Committee) and he authored more than 130 scientific papers edited in international scientific journals, with high impact indexes. He has been lecturer for more than 150 scientific international and national conferences. He is in the editorial board of different national and international scientific journals. He started his teaching career since 1993, actually his teaching activity involve more than 1000 students per year, undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral. He is involved in different international collaborations with European as well as American Institutions and University. He is the President of the Italian Association of Psychology.